Ready Gen



Ready Gen is a comprehensive core literacy curriculum for Kindergarten through grade 5. Ready Gen uses topically organized text sets and highly engaging routines to build students' knowledge and promote sustained critical thinking

The goal of Ready Gen is to equip all teachers and students with the tools and practices necessary to meet the expectations of the Common Core Standards. 

Every Ready Gen module is organized around a text set that includes trade books, Text Collection, and Sleuth.  The Text Collection is a collection of topically related texts bound together.  The collection consists of multiple genres, including poems, primary sources, biographies and more.  

All texts are aligned to the complexity requirements outlined in the Common Core Standards, ensuring that all students interact with appropriate grade - level texts.  The purpose of the text set is to provide students the opportunity to read a variety of texts (such as texts of differing lengths and multiple genres) all centered around the same topic.

Close reading is an integral part of instruction in Ready Gen. Students read texts closely during whole and/or small group instruction in order  to practice and master the routine and apply it to independent reading.  Students need to focus on specific parts of the text while rereading, answering text -dependent questions and have text -based conversations.