Mission Statement

School Library Mission Statement

We live in an information rich age in which rapidly evolving technology and the internet have changed the mission of the modern day library. The PS/IS 208 library promotes inquiry and understanding of the ever changing world, its peoples, its cultures and its possibilities. Students use the PS/IS 208 library to support their curricular needs and broader interests, and to develop critical information literacy skills necessary for success in school and beyond. Information literacy is defined as the ability to locate, evaluate and use information critically.

PS/IS 208 employs a flexible schedule. This allows access to the library by faculty and students on an “as needed” basis. Since the library and the librarian are not tied up with classes all day everyday, library access is increased for everyone. Librarians and teachers have time to collaborate, plan and teach together, giving students the best opportunities for learning. Most teachers are aware from experience that a teachable moment is called that because the moment does not last-the ability to capitalize on that moment at the point of need extends learning opportunities to take advantage of prior knowledge, context and connecting patterns. A flexible schedule enables the librarian and teacher to work together to create “teachable moments.” The teacher brings to the planning process knowledge of subject content and the student needs. The school librarian contributes a broad understanding of resources and a wide range of strategies that may be employed to help students learn inquiry skills.