Commitment Ceremonies

As part of our continued initiatives to foster strong parental involvement and promote children’s academic success, we will endeavor to set up a series of “commitment ceremonies” in order to help children map out a straight path from the finish line to the starting point.

 These ceremonies usually take place at eh beginning of the year as a motivation for the children to embrace the new year with confidence. At the assemblies for Grades K to 8, the school will highlight all available support and resources that promote children’s success. Also, selected children from prior grades will pass the torch of learning to the upcoming students while expressing the challenges, the expectations and the celebrations of their accomplishments by providing additional words of inspiration.

 The children will pledge to uphold high academic standards, and to continue uplifting the torch of learning to a higher degree of achievement amidst all adverse and complicated circumstances and tasks. They will light up the torch of learning and pass it on as a symbolic show of support, unity, honor, integrity and service.