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Chapter 1: Place Value, Multiplication, and Expressions

Chapter 2: Divide Whole Numbers

Chapter 3: Add and Subtract Decimals

Chapter 4: Multiply Decimals

Chapter 5: Divide Decimals

Chapter 6: Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Chapter 7: Multiply Fractions

Chapter 8: Divide Fractions

Chapter 9: Algebra: Patterns and Graphing

Chapter 10: Convert Units of Measure

Chapter 11: Geometry and Volume



Unit 1 - The Nature of Science

Unit 2 - Changes in the Surface of the Planet

Unit 3 - Food and Nutrition

Unit 4 - Exploring Ecosystems

Scope and Sequence - Science

Social Studies

UNIT 1: Geography and Early Societies of the Western Hemisphere

UNIT 2: European Exploration

UNIT 3: Comparative Case Study of Western Hemisphere Cultures Teacher should select the United States, Canada, Mexico, and one Caribbean or one South American country with a focus on culture, geography, government, and economics

UNIT 4: The Western Hemisphere Today

 Social Studies Scope and Sequence