Curriculum Outline




Unit 1:



Module 1: Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation

Module 2: The Concept of Congruence

Module 3: Similarity

Module 4: Linear Equations

Module 5: Examples of Functions from Geometry

Module 6: Linear Functions

Module 7: Introduction to Irrational Numbers Using Geometry

Social Studies


Unit 1: A Growing America (1850-1914)

Essential Question: "How do people, policies and technological advances shape a nation?"

  • America Moves West
  • The Industrial Age
  • Immigrants and Urban Life

Unit 2: The Beginning of Modern America (1867-1920)

Essential Question: "To what degree should a nation be involved in the affairs of other nations?"

  • The Progressive Spirit of Reform
  • America as a World Power
  • World War 1

Unit 3: Boom Times and Challenges (1920-1945)

Essential Question: "How does a nation respond to economic, political and social challenges?"

Essential Question: "How do competing views of power and morality lead to global conflict?"

  • The Roaring 20s
  • The Great Depression
  • World War II

Unit 4: Postwar America (1945-1975)

Essential Question: "How did the United States react to the challenges of the modern world and were their actions to be considered overall positive or negative?"

  • Early Years of the Cold War
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Vietnam Years

Unit 5: Modern America (1968-Present)

Essential Question: "Has the United States of America lived up to the promise and potential of its history and status?"

  • Searching For Order
  • America Looks to the Future



Living Environment

Unit 1: Scientific Study

Unit 2: Ecology

Unit 3: Organization and Patterns in life

Unit 4: Homeostasis and Immunity 

Unit 5: Reproduction and Development

Unit 6: Genetics and Biotechnology 

Unit 7: Evolution

Unit 8: Human Influences and Environment

Earth Science

Unit 1: Maps and Measurement 

  • Essential Question "How can we produce good models of Earth?"

Unit 2: Dynamic Earth

  • Essential Question:"What makes Earth dynamic?"

Unit 3: Rocks and Minerals

  • Essential Question: " How do Rocks Change Over Time?"

Unit 4: Landscapes

  • Essential Question: "Why does the land look different in different places?"

Unit 5 Earth History

  • Essential Question: "How do we know that the Earth has changed over time?"

Unit 6: Insolation 

  • Essential Question: "How does the Sun affect our life on Earth?"

Unit 7: Meteorology 

  • Essential Question: "How can we predict the weather?"

Unit 8: Climate 

  • Essential Question: "Why are there different climates on Earth and how can climate be altered?"

Unit 9: Astrology

  • Essential Question: "How can celestial observations explain natural phenomena?" 

Morning Quiz Schedule





Friday-Critical Thinking

Eighth Grade Important Dates

March 24-College Sweater Day

March 28-30- ELA State Test

April 26-Retro Day

April 27-United Nations Field Trip

May 2-4- Math State Test

May 5-Philadelphia Field Trip

May 31- Support the Troops

June 6-National Junior Honor Society

June 7- Senior Prom @ The Inn at New Hyde Park

June 9-Senior BBQ

June 20-Commencement Ceremony 9:30am

June 27-Senior Trip to Lake Compounce (Bristol, Connecticut)