Mrs.  Acosta / Hernandez, Mrs. Kayton, Mrs. Argyros, Mrs. Thimotee-Joseph



The New York State Common Core Standards expects the Kindergarten students to be able to:

  • understand features of print: left to right, top to bottom
  • Identify the parts of a book
  • name and write upper and lower case letters and sounds
  • rhyme identification and production
  • identify sight words or high frequency words (i.e. like, the, to, saw)
  • breaking words into syllables
  • isolate and substitute beginning, middle and ending sounds in words
  • vowel sounds
  • read emergent level text for purpose and understanding
  • answer questions about and retell stories
  • identify characters,  settings and major events in a story
  • identify author and illustrator roles
  • compare stories
  • spell words phonetically
  • write a variety of stories ranging from research papers to personal narratives
  • write multiple sentences with proper spacing, capitalization, punctuation and meaningful content



The New York State Common Core Standards expects the Kindergarten students to be able to:

Represent, count, and write numbers 0 to 5

Compare numbers to 5

Represent, count  and write numbers 6 to 9

Represent, count  and write numbers to 10



Represent, count  and write numbers 11 to 19

Represent, count  and write 20 and beyond

Identify and describe two- dimensional shapes

Identify and describe three- dimensional shapes


Classify and sort data




 Science is EVERYWHERE!

Kindergarteners are naturally curious.

Here are some topics that we will explore:

  • weather
  • seasons
  • wind
  • water cycle
  • rainbows
  • trees
  • planting
  • insects
  • our solar system
  • dinosaurs
  • dental health
  • nutrition
  • animals
  • life cycles
  • living and nonliving
  • environmental changes
  • inquiry skills
  • exploring properties
  • five senses
  • science tools




In kindergarten, students study "Self and Others".  This course is organized into four units of study.

1- My School and School Community

2- Self and Others: Individual Development and Cultural Identity

3- The Community

4- Families, Change and Time

Each unit helps students study themselves in the context of their immediate surroundings.

Students will learn about similarities and differences between children, families and communities and about holidays, symbols, and traditions that unite us as Americans.  

Students learn about respect for others, and rights and responsibilities of individuals.  




Kindergarten students will receive a homework sheet weekly.  Every Monday, the homework sheet will be glued in your child's green notebook. Some assignments are written while others are activities for your child to do orally or with materials at home. Please help your child complete the work each night and return the green homework notebook the next day. Please sign the homework nightly. Each night your child's green folder will come home. Please check it and empty all papers. 

In addition, your child needs to write a complete heading at the top of their page. Ex.            September 19, 2017 

                                                                                                                                                                        Michael Smith 




Letter of the Week

The kindergarten students will be learning about Letter X.

They will meet Mr. X



Word Study Words

The kindergarten students will be introduced to the following words.






Looking Ahead

May 25, 2018 - Multicultural Day

May 28th - Memorial Day ~ No School

June 1st - Trip to Queens Zoo

June 4th - 6th -Finals 

June 7th -No School 

June 11th - No School

June 13th - Field Day

June 14th - Kindergarten Awards Ceremony

June 15th - No School

June 18th - Carnival

June 26th - Last Day of School